The CURIOUS ALPHABET App is in the Apple App Store!!

I’m excited to share that my new Artist Book App, THE CURIOUS ALPHABET is now available FREE in the Apple App Store! I created it in my studio over the last year using stop motion technique. My idea was inspired by all these small interesting vintage objects I have around my studio. Little china dolls, tools, toys, letters, a real dried dragonfly which I found perfectly complete laying in the grass one day. Anyway, making these objects come to life in an animation was so fun. I also used images from my piles of collected ephemera to add to each page.

It would be so super if you would check it out and SHARE it with ANYone you think would like it. It’s for all ages, the most risqué thing in it is “a flash of underwear” on the “U” page and a King gets beheaded but that happens all the time, right:) THANKS!

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  1. Anne Carlsen says:

    Your husband is lucky to have you balance his great stock experience, knowledge and sense of what works in investing. You are a great team. I love reading, thinking and learning about investing and like your husband’s ideas. But I like yours too. We love to travel also and sometimes just a peek can bring so many memories of new sites. I will follow you too!

  2. Kate brown says:

    A joy to watch! I wanted to slow it down at times (do those insect legs move or does it just appear so?). The Seneca Falls piece is gorgeous.

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